From North West England, Alix Hyde's debut Wanderings, is a spacious and textural lo-fi electronic music journey for the senses and the dance-floor. Aligning minimal recording elements, Wanderings speaks of healing, movement, and the human experience with immediacy and universality. In the video for the track Myriad Tears, a visual collaboration with fellow digital media artist Tristan Whitehill of Euglossine, melodic dialogue and rhythmic pace fuze with a pallette of 3D animation, video synthesis and digital manipulation. The melancholia of “Myriad Tears” creates a sense of something surreal. Incongruities between picture and music develop, from the innocent sadness of piano chords to the ominous textures of D.I.Y electronics, a transparent beauty of mystery ascends into a playful harmony of gentle timbres and diminutive highs.


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