Ashan's Air & Ether is about exploring our own physicality as it relates to sound; sound that makes our bodies want to move in a certain way or that changes in essential feeling within the elasticity of spaces it occupies. The space opened up in these four tracks is expansive rather than claustrophobic and conjures a visceral feeling of belonging to the world as air and atmosphere moves around us.

Sean Conrad is from Melbourne, Australia and has been making music as Ashan for 6 years. Now based in Oakland, California, Ashan is about “trying to put something positive into the world, trying to find the things that make me feel alive and healthy and share those things as best I can. Ayewards motion.”

Meditative and intensely immersive, solar and vibrant, ‘Air & Ether‘ couldn’t be more aptly-named with its vaporous complexions and sedative attraction, casting a spell on you the second you press play.
— Inverted Audio