FORM 2017

Elestial Sound Canyon Installation

FORM 2017

This year’s installation, a circle of eight thirteen-foot tall hourglass pillars topped with geometric “frankencubes” that house moveable light beacons, centers around the imperative to bring participants together in an equalizing and unstructured state - a ritual community space intended to promote a shared common experience. Holding with Soleri’s tendency to tease out beauty in the quest for an optimally functioning and ethical shared space, our “Canyon Henge” reimagines the performance space by blurring the line between stage and crowd. The stage is a simple platform with a stripped down backdrop. Entering the circle, the we hope each participant is struck by the consuming negative space of the dark canyon and 360 degree night sky.

Lead Designer: Cody Wicker  Renders by: Odni Lim

FORM 2016

Last years’ stage was a homage to Paolo Soleri and the high desert surrounding Arcosanti. We wanted to meld Soleri’s architectural simplicity and theory of Arcology (the fusion of architecture and ecology) with the vibrant feelings we experienced at FORM in years previous.

Lead Designer: Evan Galbicka Renders By: Davis Hart