Elestial Sound is a future-arts production house for large-scale multimedia installations that serve as immersive performance environments.


Our most recent endeavor: FORM Arcosanti 2016

About FORM



Each installation is a new and unique challenge. We strive to harness the best qualities that a particular event or location might have to create dynamic and enthralling environments. 



We begin our process with computer modeling and work with our artists and the client to achieve the right design for the environment and budget. We work with a structural engineer and our technicians and builders to ensure the project is safe and cost effective.


Process & Team

What makes our stages unique is our process and our team. Our team consists of sculptors, painters, lightening technicians, electricians, welders, and carpenters and we build everything custom and in-house in our 6000 square foot studio/workshop.



Depending on the desired atmosphere we commission artists to work with us on a project by project basis.  




Contact for quotes 

Davis Hart