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Berlin-based dancer-choreographer and electronic musician, Mila Chiral works with composition in sound and poetry as well as with the body’s movements in time and space. Educated in dance and classical music since childhood, Chiral’s influences in her youth include classical music as well as new and dark wave, new romantics, NDW and the music of Prince and his collaborators. Following the rise of electronic music in the early nineties, Chiral collaborated with technically innovative musicians for her choreographies and made her first steps into electronic music production for dance/performances with Bernhard Bockelbrink in the project BrainScan (1995-2000).


Mila Chiral’s music is colourful, multi-layered and four-dimensional. Sounds and poetry create clear rhythmical patterns, repetitive or accentuated – always longing for moving bodies in the spaces and ambience she creates.