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Danny - Pontchartrain Beach 

New Orleans based tropical lounge outfit Danny, featuring members of Jane Jane Pollock, have just released their debut tape Pontchartrain Beach. Lather up and bask in it's warm glow. 

Available in Digital and Cassette Tape 

Track Listing: 

1. Marooned 03:33

2. Pontchartrain Beach 04:20

3. Coconut Oil 03:18

4. You Fell Through 03:09

5. Holler House 02:16

6. Orange Pink 03:11

7. All the Clues 03:50

released 10 July 2014 

Danny Clifton- guitars, keys, percussion 
Courtney Asztalos- keys, vocals 
Heather Lee Smith- bass, vocals 
Ryan O'Malley- drums, percussion 

Produced by Danny and Feathermeal

*Available for Digital Download in Mp3 format*

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