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Edmondson - "Strange Durations"

Their debut album “Strange Durations” features layered arrangements on piano, guitar and saxophone. Originally from South Florida, brothers Robert and Jack wrote the album over two summers in California, and their father, Tod, supplied the horn arrangements at home in Hollywood, FL. Edmondson’s impressionistic debut “Strange Durations” honestly portrays what it feels like to be a family in a state of change, expressing the nuance of memory and revision through a lens of love.


ChromadaData - "ChromadaData"

Known on soundcloud for his perfectly executed down-tempo beats and constant barrage of new and unbelievably dope tracks, its no wonder he has been noticed by the beat community. His ability to combine funky new-age synth textures and old school crackly kick and snare make for a perfect balance of old and new. Focusing more on live instrumentation and composition, Jones took his time and allowed each piece to settle and cure on this self-titled debut. 

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Emily Reo - "Olive Juice"

Bubbling deep in the marshland of central Florida is where we found casio princess Emily Reo, and upon invitation discovered her ornate kingdom of bleeps, bloops, and kitten shaped oscillations. Emily has been an inspiring force within the diy music community for many years and we couldn't be more proud to have released her vinyl debut Olive Juice


Room Thirteen - "Roccopulco"

A mixture of lethargic rhythms, fruit nectar and good old-fashioned organ sounds, this concoction is perfect for a before dinner listen or maybe after a swim. A delightful mix of unknown origin, this selection includes unexpected sax solos and a harvest of exotic flavorings. Sure, it looks innocent enough but this album packs enough slide guitars and passion fruit juices to stop a crocodile


Lady Dug - "Bout Time"

Multi-instrumentalist and cosmic jazz-head Amy Douglas (aka Lady Dug) is giant-stepping out purple platforms blazing with her debut LP Bout Time. Throughout the album Lady Dug wears her influences on her sequined sleeve, paying homage to early 90s hip hop and r&b while nodding (and head bobbing) to some Impulse deep cuts.


Eva Geist - "Äquator System"

There’s an air of melancholy in Äquator System; it could be a dream from an undefined past. Dedicated to dreams, lost paradises, and new horizons of human belonging, Äquator System transcends a musical journey from a hidden center to an endless distance, reminding us that we are made of galaxies.


AAA - "Fruit" 

Chris Von Szombathy is a force. Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, he is the embodiment of prolific,. Tthe taste of a new generation! AAA, Chris’ musical moniker, achieves what every artist hopes for:, a truly unique and personal sound., You can’t help but feel like you truly know him after listening.


Mariama Ndure - "Fall & Rise"

Norwegian born and daughter of Gambian immigrants, Mariama Ndure has always been deeply connected with her West-African roots. Ndure’s sound is soulful, yet playful and worldly. The new EP connects the elements of her upbringing, re-contextualizing them into new rhythmic, fluid and experimental melodic combinations.


Jacob Silver - "Stress Dreams"

Jacob Silver is a strange and singular musician from melbourne, australia. He is maker of unique anonymous electronic bedroom music; Sealed and internally reflective solitary electronica and ambient computer music with an idiosyncratic style built solidly on sublime original melodies, layered against each other in tessellated webs of events and sequences. His music is intense, straight forward simplexes of colour and light; with a detached, hovering pervasive musical strangeness.


Kane Pour - "Hyper Pollen Temple"

An earthy, colorful, and eclectic twist of windswept guitar voyages and underwater video game lounge. Pour is a composer/producer from Gainesville who collaborates with Euglossine as the electronic duo Orchal and Vir, and in years past, released tapes with Jeff Astin as Tricorn and Queue.


Danny - "Pontchartrain Beach"

Enjoy Danny with your feet in the sand and a tropical cocktail in hand. This time around, there's a whole world of fun awaiting you on the sensational Pontchartrain Beach. Join with your friends and family, head for the beach! Take a dip in the refreshing pool or lake, have the time of your life. Enjoy the wonderful new rides and scenic attractions along the way.


Euglossine - "Lustrous"

From rainbow-brite gardens to icy space castles, Tristan Whitehill's Euglossine project has been painting landscapes of the dreamy variety for the last few years. On his newest record "Lustrous", inspired by the gleam of precious stones and the coveting of jewels, Euglossine spins his most elegant tapestry to date. 


Floating - "Floating City"

Dillard Wisehart's musical project Floating is a true testament to his beautiful mind. His productions play with math as if it were a toy, spinning playful synths and beats into spires and painting futuristic cloud cities out of pixels. With his creative vision, Floating has been delighting dance floors across the US.