Jane Jane Pollock

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Cover art S-t.jpg

Jane Jane Pollock

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Jane Jane Pollock Self Titled Available on CD and 180 Gram Vinyl.

Track Listing:  

  • 1. Mouse Hole
  • 2. Gloomy
  • 3. Stuck On A Highway Island
  • 4. Mystic Lurch
  • 5. Punching Jacky
  • 6. Blister
  • 7. Spooky Hand Saloon
  • 8. Sore Throat
  • 9. Fleas
  • 10. Rusty Test Tube
  • 11. Poor Pretty Jane
  • 12. Pig and Spider
  • 13. Of Holy Colors



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Jane Jane Pollock's debut album features 13 hauntingly sincere and moving tracks that could fit into many situations be it a speak-easy saloon, circus freak show,  star-eyed or love sick person's bedroom.

For their Self-Titled debut the band consists of two female and one male vocalists, genie organ, Guitars, Bass guitar, drums, samplers, trumpet and miscellaneous instruments such as old broken toys and ringing crystal glasses.