Release Date: 01/21/2017

Elestial Sound presents A Thousand Tones, a 40 track music compilation featuring new music made by cis women, trans women, trans feminine and non-binary composers of all ages from around the world.

A Thousand Tones is about perspective, composition and intersectionality within underground and DIY music culture.

Composers and recording artists from Australia, Denmark, Japan, The Philippines, Germany, Uruguay, Canada, Egypt, Russia, Norway, The United States, and The United Kingdom have been brought together to absorb listeners and challenge hegemonic music culture.


Elestial Sound will be hosting a festival over the weekend of January 20th 2017 to celebrate the release. There will also be release events in Australia and Germany.

Find out more information about the festival being held in The USA HERE

Find out more about the release party for A Thousand Tones in Germany HERE

Find out more about the release party for A Thousand Tones in Australia HERE

Curated by Natasha Home
Artwork a collaboration by Senta Achée, Kane Pour, Alix Hyde, Natsumi Tominaga.
Scorpion mastered by Akaysha Rose, all other mastering by Tristan Whitehill



B1. Chunyin - Madoka 2:54

B2. Band Ane - 5+2 3:29

B3. Alix Hyde - i think about you everyday 5:15

B4. Cherry Plum - Kusmi Tea 3:12

B5. Cc - Green With Weed Blood 5:39

B6. Sapropelic Pycnic - fantasiiii 3:18

B7. Lauren Mullarvey - A Walk 3:01

B8. Wizard Apprentice - Leaf in a Stream 3:22

B9. Michelle Welchons - Soledad 4:17

B10. Shara Lunon - Soule 2:09

B11. Ivy Meadows - Sun Circles 2:21

B12. Sunmoonstar - Satellites 2:39

Track List: 

A1. Rogue Wavs - 5boss 5:14

A2. Eva Geist - Äquator System 4:33

A3. The Person - Second Earth 3:36

A4. Koloto - Spin Bird Kick 3:08

A5. Tominaga - Mateora Presto 6:30

A6. Ok Sure - Scorpion 5:26

A7. Pascale Project - Suitcase 4:16

A8. HRTZ - If all I have is This 4:23

A9. Mila Chiral - Chilled Satin 3:43


C1. Elsa Hewitt - Snow White Lily 4:44

C2. Olive In DreamLand - Melancholic Oscillation 3:37

C3. Teresa Barrozo - fl~f_dB_ck 7:51

C4. Lynna Durst - CLoUDYCOUGH 3:22

C5. Lady Neptune - Sleep Easy 4:18

C6. Cold Hands Warm Heart - Basalt Banksia 4:27

C7. Aviva Endean - For Viv 3:00

C8. Rosalind Hall + Judith Hamann - Each finger, a glint (excerpt) 7:28

C9: Courtney Blackney - Scylla 5:10

D1. Miss Natasha Enquist - Iron Heart 3:51

D2. Dani Mari - Winter Revolution 4:20

D3. Lady Dug - Rebirthd t Check Da Mic 2:30

D4. Sad Hana - No Ones 5:49

D5. rosemary♡blackberry - Euphoria 6:36

D6. Emma Fox - The Light Gets In (excerpt) 6:11

D7. Złe Oko - amoeba 4:00

D8. Sha She - So Long 2:39

D9. Lila Tirando a Violeta - Thunderstorm 1:46

D10. Angel-11 - Uriel 4:45